Stardotstar Mugs

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For my placement year during University, I was fortunate enough to work alongside the incredible Stardotstar team for 12 amazing, eye-opening months. Creating all manner of digital projects, including responsive website design, video animations, printed illustrations, and was even lucky enough to work on an interactive childrens game for the CBBC.

To say 'Thank you' for this incredible experience, I wanted to give them all a gift; but nothing throw away like a box of chocolates, or a handmade card. No, I wanted to give them something that would sit on their desks, right under their noses, staring at them... forever.

> Introducing the startdotstar personalised 'mug-on-a-mug'

> featuring individualised slogans for the all-star cast

> Up-close Vector Artwork of Garth and Gez (fyi purpose-built kern)